March 25, 2020

Greetings to The Studio+ Family,

I hope that you and yours are well and feeling strong and positive.  This is a letter that I never expected to write.  While we each have a unique and personal experience with the challenges that the COVID-19 presents, as friends, family and a community, especially a community of dance, we also face this together.  We miss our dancers, the sound of the music, their laughter, their enthusiasm and the love they bring to us.  Normally, this is a time of great anticipation and excitement!  We would be teaching our last steps of choreography and preparing our students for their final performance in May.  Instead, it is a time of discomfort and uncertainty.

By now, I had hoped to have more definite information with which we could advise you of our plans.  As it stands, we are hoping that we will be given permission to open again in April.  If so, we will move forward and quickly get our students back on track.  For now, here is what you can expect:

  • Almost all costumes have arrived.  Costumes will be handed out once the “social distancing” mandate has been lifted.  
  • Since scheduling is uncertain, we will not offer a 2020 individual “picture day”.
  • Billing accounts – Working under the presumption that we will be able to reconvene in April, we will send out statements, as usual.  If you are on ACH draft scheduled for the 1st, 5th, or 10th, unless you advise us differently, we will continue to draft your account. However, if you DO NOT want us to draft your account, simply let us know before your draft date and we will not pull the funds.  Whether you are on ACH or otherwise make your tuition payments, if you are willing and able, we appreciate your continued financial tuition support to help us continue our season.  However, if you are unable or simply choose to wait until we reconvene, just let us know.  There will be no late fees.  

While we are not able to make tuition refunds, if our schedule is further disrupted by mandates, we will credit forward any tuition paid during April and apply it to future tuition.  We will also make up many classes once we can schedule them.

If you have a past due balance, there will be no further late fees imposed; however, we ask you

to please continue tomake payment to bring your account current.

  • Currently, our final performance is scheduled at NMMI-Pearson Auditorium for the period of May 25-30, 2020.  If we can come back together in early April, we will continue the regular season, probably set extra Saturday rehearsals, and get the kids ready to perform.  However, NMMI is a state facility which is currently closed due to COVID-19; therefore, we have no assurance that we will have access to the facility at that time.  If necessary or appropriate, we will make alternate performance provisions.
  • If we are not able to open the studio in April, we will make appropriate decisions at that time.

In the meantime, we have prepared videos of choreography and can direct you to the recital music so your dancer can practice!  We are also posting fun daily dance challenges, stretches, and dance combinations to keep them on track and engaged!  They are available on The Studio+ Facebook page, Instagram at roswelldance, #StudioPlusDance, and our website at

On behalf of the staff of The Studio+, I thank you for your patience as we negotiate this situation. Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our students.  Our concern is not only for their physical health, but also mental and spiritual well-being.  That will never change!  If you have questions, please contact us by email, on Facebook, or phone. 

It is certainly an uncomfortable and uncertain time.  But, we are in God’s loving care and blessed beyond measure. The Studio+ is grateful for you!  It is an honor and privilege to share our commitment and love for dance with your children.  This too shall pass! Soon, we will come back together and dance!  The show must, and will, go on!!


                                                                        Jennifer Wolfe

                                                                        The Studio +

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