Fall Season 2020

With many precautions in place we are excited for our Fall 2020 season to start up August 17th!

If you have any questions or would like to register for classes you can give us a call at 575-623-5155 or email us at roswelldance@cableone.net!

PRECAUTIONS for 2020 Season are as follows:

There will be no dressing rooms – dancers must come dressed and ready for class. If they need to change quickly they may use a dressing room but there will be no congregating or bags held in dressing rooms.

Dance bags will be kept in the dance room of the class the students will be taking. This leads us to limit students to one dance bag.

Barres and floors will be marked in 6′ spacing distances.

Classes will be 55 minutes. This leaves time for teachers to disinfect between classes and to let dancers leave and enter class with less congestion and contact.

Observation rooms will be closed, except for parents of the 3 & 4 year old classes. We ask that you are courteous of those around you and share the space. Only 8 people are allowed to observe class at a time.

We understand that some dancers will have a gap between classes, we ask that students do not congregate together during this time and keep a safe distance.

There will be no water fountain available. Dancers are encouraged to bring a bottle of water from home with their name on it. Absolutely no other beverage is allowed.

No food product of any kind allowed in the studio. There is a picnic table outside that they can enjoy a snack at!

Masks will be optional to be worn by personal choice. They will not be required to be worn while dancing or while in the studio.

Students or parents who refuse to comply with the studio’s protocol will result in dismissal from classes until such time that the student and parent agrees to follow protocol.

We are so very excited to start another year, even if it will run a little differently! Thank you to each and every parent, family, and dancer for joining us. These precautions are taken for the safety of students, faculty, and our families alike. We ask that we all take these seriously and that we all enter this year with grace, patience, and understanding!

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