The Studio+ 2021 Dance Collective

The Studio + Performance Company are committed, accomplished dancers. At minimum, company dancers must have extensive ballet, tap and jazz training have met stringent audition requirements. Once a member of the company, the dancers are required to attend technical and choreography rehearsals weekly. They perform by invitation a number of times each year in addition to regular studio performances. Additionally, they perform at conventions each year.

Company members are allowed no more than two rehearsal absences per semester, they must maintain an 85% attendance record in their regular classes, and they must be available for all performances, unless advance notification is given and absence is excused.

The Studio+ Company follows a stringent schedule, have lots of performance opportunities and become accomplished, motivated dancers.  Through their many performances, they make an exceptional contribution to our local community and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the art of dance.

Annually, The Studio+ Company participates in the Texas Association Teachers of Dance (TATD), one of the nation’s leading dance teaching organizations.  Additionally, they perform at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair and Parade, the Baby Boomers Health Fair Conference, and numerous other annual events.

The company members frequently engage in fund-raising events to help defray travel costs and convention expenses.  Funds raised are deposited into the General Convention Fund 100% used to help defray student convention expenses.