Eastern New Mexico State Fair Parade

Each Fall, The Studio+ participates in the State Fair Parade and Performance. Students enjoy being a part of the Studios float dancing and waving to the crowd down Main Street. Once the parade is over students prepare to perform excerpts from the studios repitoire at the fair grounds for the audience.

This years State Fair will be September 30th – October 5th, 2019.

A Spectacular Christmas


 Each December, The Studio+ presents a spectacular Christmas performance.  It is a magical and beautiful portray of the story of Christmas with touches of candy canes, elves, reindeer, and ginger bread cookies.   A major holiday production, it is a popular holiday performance that honors the birth of Jesus.  It has become a staple in the Roswell community over the last decade.  It sets the stage for Christmas in Southeastern New Mexico and is a favorite of holiday-season theatre goers.

The Christmas show is not a mandatory performance.  Students, age 5 and over, are invited to participate in the performance.  Rehearsals generally begin the first week of October and the performance is in early December.  Due to the limited rehearsal time, attendance for rehearsals is mandatory and includes a maximum of two excused absences. There is a $35 performance fee.  Costuming is provided by The Studio+.

Texas Association Teachers of Dancing, Inc. (TATD)

June 2016, travel to TATD in Richardson, TX.  TATD recently celebrated its 86th year.  It is one of the nation’s leading teaching organizations.  TATD’s aim is to keep the art of dancing and the dance teaching profession on the highest level by upholding it’s ideals and principles and passing those principles on to the next generations of teachers and students.

The Studio+ instructors certified by TATD include Jennifer Wolfe, Leaslee Neff, Tennise Lucas and Heather Carter.  To become TATD certified, a teacher must pass an extensive written and demonstrative test under board examination.  Once certification is reached, the teacher becomes a member-teacher and may then take students to the annual convention.

To attend TATD, a student must be 11 years old, be enrolled in tap, ballet, and jazz, have accomplished an appropriate skill level, and have demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and be accompanied by a certified member-teacher.

Over the years, some of the TATD Master instructors whom our teachers and students have had the privilege of learning from include industry greats such as Gus Giordano, (1923-2008) jazz dance legend, remembered as the “Godfather of American Jazz Dancing”; Rhonda Miller, Creator/Associate Professor, Pace University’s BFA Commercial Dance Program, recipient Lifetime Achievement Award from Dance Educators of America; Jay Fagan, world reknown Tap Master Chicago, Ill; Lyn Cramer, Director of Musical Theatre at the University of Oklahoma; Keith Clifton, dancer, choreographer, musician with over 45 national commercial credits; and Leslie Scott, faculty at Edge Performing Arts and Millennium Dance Complex globally renowned choreographer; and countless others.

Dance! Texas

The Studio+ Performance Company performing at Dance! Texas.  At Dance! Texas our students have had the opportunity to study under Master Instructors such as Geo Hubela, ICONic Dance Crew and leading music industry choreographer; Thom Clower, founding Artistic Director Ballet Dallas (Ballet); Ben Stevenson, member of the London Royal Ballet and principle dancer with the London Festival Ballet; Chris Jarosz, Actor, Producer, Nickelodean Kids Choice Awards;  Chelsea Traille, Faculty Broadway Dance Center and works including Burlesque, Popstar: Never Stop Stopping and So You Think You Can Dance; and Todrick Hall, American Idol finalist.

New Mexico Military Institute Irish Performance

Our Irish Performance Ensemble, performing by invitation at the NMMI “Dining In” event which honors graduating students who have been commissioned into the Army.  It is an honor to be invited annually to participate in this outstanding event.  The Irish group also performs annually at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair.

More than 30 dancers participate in The Studio+ Irish program.  To participate in Irish, a student must be 7 years old and remain concurrently enrolled in ballet.


Holiday Bowl

The Studio+ Company performing to a 60,000 audience at the Qualcomm Stadium for the 2013 Holiday Bowl in San Diego, CA.  Choreography for the performance was by Dmitry Chaplin of So You Think You Can Dance.  The performance was nationally televised on the USA and TBS networks.

Intensives and Workshops

  •  Dance Incubator with Aren James Hooper 

  • Summer Intensive with Tony Bordonero & Aren James Hooper 
  • Leslie Scott Workshop 
  • Gregg Russell & Ryan Lohoff Workshop 
  • Jonathan Ragsdale Broadway Dance Workshop

Maia Maldonado-Plevin Workshop!

This workshop was held Sept 6th & 7th, 2019 – A wonderful 2 day intensive for Beginning/Intermediate and Advanced dancers!